Tips & Tricks


1. Map Out Your face: With your darker cream colours, trace the temples. For larger forheads, carry the pigment straight into the hairline to minimize it. To bring out your cheekbones, feel for the hallow part by placing your fingers on the sides of your face, and where you feel it dip underneath the bones, just above is where you place your  darker pigment. For your nose *optional* to appear a little narrower at the tip, carry the pigment into the brow lining the bridge of your nose. Apply your pigment to the jaw line as well for a chiseled look.

2. Blend It Well: Use a damp cosmetic sponge / blender and tap over the contour colour, gradually blending it into your foundation base. Now tap in small circular motions using the bigger, round end of the cosmetic sponge / blender. 

3. The Lit Affect: Now apply the lighter cream colours underneath your eyes, for a more dramatic glow apply the same colours to the center of your forhead also apply underneath your cheekboones below the contour line previously applied to the cheek area, moving toward your lips. Also apply some to the chin area and the bridge of your nose. Blend well with a damp cosmetic sponge / blender.

4.  Pro Affect: *Optional*  With your medium pigments you want to fill in between the darker and lighter pigments around the forehead, merging the top of the cheek bone and the under eye pigments aswell. You can add some to the temples too! This gives an even more flawless finish, Blend with your damp cosmetic sponge.

(our palettes have 2- Light Pigments 2- Medium Pigments 2- Dark Pigments)

5. Dust It Seal It: With a Face Brush (face brushes are large and fluffy) dust the entire face with loose powder such as translucent or a bronze/ Highlight  powders.



1.Outline the lips with a darker shade of matte lipstick.  Take your time and keep the lines as even as possible.


2. Press your lips together and blend the darker matte lipstick – just keep on shading until desired shading is reached.


3. Apply a matte lipstick, cre'me lipstick or gloss on the areas without a shade and then press the lips together (lightly).  Then re-apply the matte lipstick, cre'me lipstick or gloss to create a blend of two shades.


4. Outline the lips again to correct any uneven areas when the matte lipstick, cre'me lipstick or gloss was applied. And dab the middle of lips to blend the two shades.