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History / Brand 

 The kaleidoscope brilliance of TAKIE'MOTO Cosmetics products echoes the multifaceted lifestyle of the everyday wo(man) navigating all walks of life representing Culture, Confidence and Beauty. Incorporating the vibrant lineage from which the brand's founder, Nicole Hamilton-Takemoto, descends became the inspiration for the brand. American-born Hamilton-Takemoto is the daughter of  Jamaican parents and rich history of Japanese, African, Indian, Portuguese and Caucasian cultures. Using both names Hamilton and Takemoto beautifully blending cultures and developing the brand TAKIE'MOTO professional makeup for all ages, all cultures, all sexes.



"As an artist your vision is everything! Express yourself!"

Nicole Hamilton-Takemoto



Our products are professional and high quality that provides incredible diversity for all skin tones. TAKIE'MOTO Headquarters is based in the US out of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. With shipping made simple we are able to reach beautiful people all around the world. All formulas face and lips are cruelty free, paraben free. All lippies are infused with features and benefits of natural lip moisturizers, plus antioxidants.